We know that, in today’s economy, it’s imperative that you know what options are available to you so that you can discuss the merits of each in the privacy of your home. Naturally we’re always here to answer your questions. Feel free to call us anytime to explore the variety of ways you can care for both your loved one’s memory and their physical remains.

Wood Caskets



Polished Medium Amber Finish

Arbutus Velvet Interior




Polished Medium Venetian Finish

Moselle Crepe Interior




Matte Medium Fawn / Shaded Finish

Rosetan Crepe Interior


Cremation Urns


12" H x 8 1/2" W x 8 1/2" D



12" H x 8" Dia.

Porcelain. Available with optional silver charm.

Sheffield Chest

11" H x 10" W x 7 1/2" D


Burial Vaults

Copper Triune

Double-reinforced burial vault

Rich copper beauty

High-strength concrete with copper and high-impact plastic

Memorialization Plus capsule (brass) and customized nameplate

Bronze Triune

Finest double-reinforced Wilbert burial vault

Lustrous bronze carapace

High-strength concrete with bronze and high-impact plastic

Memorialization Plus capsule (brass) and customized nameplate


Entry-level single-reinforced burial vault

Concrete exterior with a plastic-reinforced cover and base

Grave Markers


24 X 12

Roman/Italics lettering - standard engraving



28 X 16

Roman lettering - standard engraving

Complex Design


24 X 12

Chancery lettering - Standard engraving

Standard Design

Tribute Art Gallery

Tribute Art Gallery

McWane Family Funeral Home is proud to be amongst a small and exclusive group of funeral providers to offer the Tribute Art bronze sculpture urns by world-renowned artist, Wyland. These beautiful and exceptional pieces are a stark contrast to the typical funeral urn in that they can be featured as fine art within the home. Each sculpture has a hollow cavity, secured by locking bolt features, which allows for the storage of cremated remains, dried flower petals from the funeral flowers or other small tokens or mementos. These unique and distinctive pieces are perfect for the marine lover, Wyland collector or fine-art enthusiast.

The concept of Tribute Art evolved around the desire to create a fine art piece that provided families the ability to honor their loved one’s memory while still being able to display these beautiful pieces in their home. Many choose to use these bronze sculptures to hold cremated remains of a loved one, however others have purchased these pieces to simply enjoy the beauty within their home, or simply as a piece of art until the time of need arises.

We invite you to experience the quality, beauty, and artistry of these stunning bronze sculpture urns first hand. Each of the eight unique pieces is available to view and admire. Whether one of our funeral homes have served your family or not, we would like to extend an invitation to invite you to visit and view these fine-art pieces in our gallery. Please contact us to learn more.

About the Sculptures

Each Tribute Art by Wyland bronze sculpture is hand-crafted using a lost-wax process and hand-finished with a patina finish and high gloss. The Wyland logo and signature complete the piece. The solid granite base, acts as a base, but also allows access to the Personal Choice storage compartment of the memorial.

Each sculpture is available in two sizes. The large sculpture is designed as a full-sized urn and can accommodated 220 cubic inches of cremated remains. The keepsake sized sculpture accommodates a small portion of remains and allows for several family members to each have their own tribute piece.